Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fab & Fit

For some reason training clothes just aren't on top of my shopping list (maybe because there usually isn't any money left after that steep gym fee). I have no problem with sweating it out in one of my boyfriend's old t-shirts, but if you're anything like me, you would be familiar with the unatractive feeling you get when that preppy, skinny blond walks by in her tight colour co-ordinated outfit with all eyes fixed on her.

Times have change - no more gross t-shirts!! But this new philosophy doesn't overcome my extreme stinginess. I absolutely refuse spending R700 on a pair of black tights with a pink stripe on the left leg just because it has Nike written on it, but I do love Nike clothing so I'll go to their factory shop in the scout of some bargains.
For now, check out the usuals;

Mr Price has tank tops in a wide range of colours for just R29.99, sports bra's for R39.99 and I liked this top (above pic), perfect for cycling because of its shocking colour and its elasticated hem.

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