Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got these at Mr Price:
Purple, fringed sandals - R69.99

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

S H O E S ! !

This week is going to be all about shoes and more shoes (and maybe an interview with a yoga instructor, just to get you into that fitness mood if the clothes didn't do the trick).
I found these beauties at the Rage Factory shop on Linksfield Drive in Edenvale. It is my favourite place to do shoe shopping, yes, you do get the rejects but there are rarely something wrong with them, just be sure to fit both shoes before making a purchase.

Silver Gladiator sandals - From R199 to R120.

Black patent leather sandals with silver embellishments - R120.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meltz Sportswear

Meltz is the place to go for sportwear this summer and even for next winter, check out my finds;

Purple tracksuit top (this was my favourite find), it is still quite pricy at a 25% discount but consider it an investement piece - From R499.90 to R399.90.

This is also a cute top, its made of a very light t-shirting, perfect for exercise and it has interesting detailing; a draw string hem and small studs around its neckline. The colour is great for summer - R199.95.

Nike tracksuit knee-high pants with drawstring at side seams - R199.95.

Cubistic puma t-shirt - R199.95.

Wow, an Adidas top without stripes! - R129.95.

Feminine Nike top with low neckline - R169.95.

Puma 3/4 pants with drawstring at hems - R199.95.

Branded tracksuits are now on sale, marked down by 25%. And it is also the place to go for socks; Adidas socks are available for a mere R20.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nike Factory Shop

A Nike Factory shop will equip you of all your fitness needs, and for a little less than a real Nike store.
I went to the factory shop in Linksfield, Edenvale, but I know of one on Atterbury road in Pretoria as well.

This was my favourite find. It is HUGE, perfect for gym or even for travel - R399.
A cute handbag or gymbag - R199.

This top is garuanteed to make you a preppy gym-blond :) It is a bit more expensive but it is very fashionable, made of a very luxurious fabric and it has a built-in bra - R299.

Extra long top with a drawstring hem - R149.

The only reason why I liked this top was because of its nifty little pocket specially for a ipod and cord - R199

Gym towel - R49

Trainers - R399.

Casual sneaker - R499.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here's a cute yoga pants, you can get it at Ackermans for R150.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fab & Fit

For some reason training clothes just aren't on top of my shopping list (maybe because there usually isn't any money left after that steep gym fee). I have no problem with sweating it out in one of my boyfriend's old t-shirts, but if you're anything like me, you would be familiar with the unatractive feeling you get when that preppy, skinny blond walks by in her tight colour co-ordinated outfit with all eyes fixed on her.

Times have change - no more gross t-shirts!! But this new philosophy doesn't overcome my extreme stinginess. I absolutely refuse spending R700 on a pair of black tights with a pink stripe on the left leg just because it has Nike written on it, but I do love Nike clothing so I'll go to their factory shop in the scout of some bargains.
For now, check out the usuals;

Mr Price has tank tops in a wide range of colours for just R29.99, sports bra's for R39.99 and I liked this top (above pic), perfect for cycling because of its shocking colour and its elasticated hem.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer is just around the corner and NOW is the time to shake of that winter flab.
I've decided to give Meltz, and a few others, some credit. I'm dedicating this week to sportswear - getting the look for less.