Friday, August 14, 2009

Making Charity Fun

The Levi's event at WITS University today was quite the social experience. 5fm's duo Grant and Anele made sure the party started early - giving a few jeans to charity is definitely worth celebrating.
The little Student Village Cafe where it all took place was crammed with students, all eager to get rid of the old and to get their hands on that vouchers which the Levi's team handed out with smiles on their faces, no questions asked. Generosity was in the air, so much so that one guy (that I know of) sponsored brand new jeans, with labels & all, and Levi's goodies were flying everywhere.
But here is the catch (I told you there would be); Levi's pretty much made sure one still spend R500 on a jean, and one voucher is only entitled to one jean. So, here I am with 7 vouchers, an empty closet and maybe enough $$ to afford one denim.

At least it was a successful effort - by 2pm, sponsored jeans totalled at 250. It was a fun day. I recommend attending the one at UCT Campus on Friday, 28 August if you can.

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